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The Glamorous NRI Bridegroom…

Posted by shreeharshagp on January 26, 2007

I was recently watching a documentary in Australia Network TV channel. The documentary was about NRI bridegroom, local Punjabi bride and dowry.

There was an incident where the girl’s parents (gp) marries her daughter to a NRI boy who resides in Canada. When asked by the girl’s parents (gp) to the boy’s parents (bp) that whether they need any dowry as such. They clearly say they don’t need it and still the gp commits themselves to give bp $ 20,000. Every thing was going good for that moment. The marriage day has arrived and just before the completion of marriage ritual, bp puts there demand of additional $ 50,000. It puts gp in shock. The bridegroom is unaware of this issue. During the “bidaye” ceremony girl starts looking for her parents she could see only her brother. But gp are in shock and are not in a condition to face her daughter. After few min they console themselves and see off her daughter.

 The newly married couple heads towards Himalayas for their Honeymoon. But for her fate something different was waiting. She discovers that boy drinks alchohol, but was told to gp and to her that he doesn’t. He starts abusing her saying you ruined my life… Her bad days starts from this moment.

The day comes when boy has to leave to Canada. On that day he tells her about the ransome money that gp haven’t given till date and She feels as if she has fallen into a bottomless drench. she doesn’t speaks a word. From then the same filmy style of SAS – BAHU funda… but it goes beyond the limits.

One day she was sent back  to her home to come back with the money. The gp are not in a position to give the money because of their bad financial condition. The days rolls down. She has no contact with her husband, he hasn’t given her a call since he left to Canada. After a year she receives Divorce letter from her so called hubby. girl and her family members are shock to see the lawyer’s notice from the Canadian Lawyer.

Girl plans to go to Canada to fight the case to restore her marriage. But she will be denied of Visa, the reason given by the embassy was, Divorce notice woun’t be sufficient to enter Canada. She needs someones presence there who can take her responsibility. She files a complaint in Indian Court. Court sends him series of notices. They will not turnup to the court’s hearing. At the end he is entitled as criminal and gets listed in the wanted column. Atleast this gives the girl a relief that he taught him a lesson, for playing with others life. If this didn’t affect him fine atleast she succeeded in preventing him to come back to India…

The statistics shows that there are around 10,000 such girls in Punjab… the figure may be exact but am sure it is thousands only. And the local politician has taken initiative to tackle this problem of NRI scam. The system in Canada is such a way that if the couples are away form each other for a year or so you are awarded Divorce. You get married in India and someone there in Canada awards you Divorce…. B*** S**.

Its not the fault of gp that they dream of a settled life for her girl. But why people still so called Highly educated do this.


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Hello world!

Posted by shreeharshagp on January 24, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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