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“I Dont hate Mozilla but use IE or Else” virus…

Posted by shreeharshagp on May 16, 2007

Few days back when i tried to open mozilla firefox i got a message “I Dont hate mozilla but use IE or Else”… this was my first encounter with a virus… My antiVirus couldn’t detect it… thats bad.. 😦

My senior Colleague at office Mr. Mohan, he is a person who guides me in all my system related queries. Thanks Mohan. when i said him about this he went through google…. and landed on to a site “mozillaZine” where people discuss about the virus. Thankfully people had already found solution for this virus. Which had blocked my mozilla firefox but IE was accessible. even with IE i was unable to visit orkut.

I heard these days virus are spreading through USBs. So one precaution measure would be to disable the auto run feature in the system. How to do this ? follow the simple steps:

  1. Click Start -> Run.
  2. Type RegEdit in the Open text box, then press ENTER.
  3. In the Registry Editor, locate and click the following registry key:


  1. Modify the value of the Autorun to 0 (zero) so that CD-ROMs and Audio CDs do not run and start automatically when inserted.
  2. Next navigate to the following registry subkey:


  1. Modify the value of the NoDriveTypeAutoRun entry to 0xb5 value to turn off the AutoRun feature for CD-ROMs by right-click NoDriveTypeAutoRun and then click Modify to type B5 in the Value data box. Select Hexadecimal, and then click OK.
  2. Quit Registry Editor.
  3. Restart your computer.

After three days of effort i could kill that virus from my system. Thanks to Mohan and members of mozillaZine.  The steps to kill the virus is…

  1. Go to Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
  2. in that click on Process Tab
  3. Delete only the svchost.exe of your user name
  4. type c:\heap41a in you address barof your explorer and you can trace this folder
  5. Now give a smile… you have done it….

246 Responses to ““I Dont hate Mozilla but use IE or Else” virus…”

  1. Suresh said

    Good Work, the issue ” I DNT HATE MOZILLA..” is fixed by deleting the ” svchost.exe ” from ” c:\heap41a” …Thank you very much for the solution 🙂

  2. Rohit said

    thanks a lot!!

  3. karthikeyan said

    Now thats really AMAZING. With all the spywares and adwares loaded, yet this visus was in and kicking and I felt, this is one serious virus indeed. I could have never imagined the solution could be so simple and perfect. thankyou sir

  4. Vishal said

    Thanks a lot man, it fixed my problem, take care…

  5. Narasimhan said

    Thanks a ton dude! Was able to fix the problem in a jiffy! 🙂

  6. Lenin said

    Hello Shree

    Thanks for your help…is there any way to add this virus to the anti-virus list…to avoid future attacks.

    You have been a relief….

  7. shekhar said

    Thanks alot. solved my problem.

  8. gsramesh said

    gr8 work thank u, relieved, thanks a log………..

  9. Chinkal said

    thanks a lot for great solution… thank you

  10. Golhtx said

    Hi! nice site!

  11. Hello Lenin,

    Nice to hear from you… sorry for the delayed response.

    Yes, you can add to the anti-virus list. You can do this by sending an intimation to the anti-virus company that you use.

    But it depends on the impact this virus has created… to Anti-Virus company to consider its signature…

  12. ravivarma said

    For Guys who wants screen shots and gif images to remove the worm, can go through the following site


  13. Hello Ravi,

    Thanks for your good visual description of how to tackle the problem… This will help any novice to handle this virus. Your effort is appreciated.

    Cheers!!! keep this good work ON….

  14. Ann said

    hi Shreeharsha,

    Thanks a lot for ur valuable guidance.Atlast i m able to tackle the problem:)thanks a lot

  15. Gujjar said

    Awesome man..your solution worked perfectly… thanks!!

  16. AnkithGowda said

    thank you very much..
    i really needed your help very badly..
    i donno what kick these people will get by doing things like this..
    good work. i really appreciate


  17. divyashree urs said

    hiii Harsha,

    Thnx a ton for ur help…..amazin haan…such kind of online help is like a blessing in disguise….so handy…thnk u so much again….

  18. sajith said

    dude, brilliant…amazing work….u just saved me a lot of time…thanks and keep up the good work…..

  19. jyoti said

    thaaaaaaanks alot your great help…..!

  20. jyoti said

    Amazing it just took 2 mins to correct it…it was troubling me since last 1 week..thanks a lot

  21. Pgt said

    Thanks a lot!!!

  22. Sudhi said

    10 cheers…
    Thanks a lot…

  23. Mangesh said

    Dear Shreeharsha

    Thank you very much just because of guidelines I could solve my problem withins few miniutes.

    Thanks a lot.

  24. Anuroop said

    hey thank you very much. my problem is solved but i am not able to delete svchost.exe in c:\heap41a…can u plz help??!!

  25. Hello Anuroop,

    Thanks for expressing your views… you needn’t delete all the svchost.exe. You have to delete only those which has your system name as user name. for example if your system name is Jack. then delete the svchost.exe with jack in the user name. there will be other svchost.exe which are system critical. By deleting these your system may get other problems.

    Please let me know if i understood your question correctly…

  26. Viral said

    Thanks a million!
    This is the first time my computer got infected with a virus.
    Thanks to you, it no longer exists!

  27. archana said


    thanks a really worked.god bless u:-)

  28. naresh said

    thank you very much for your help….its nice work.

  29. sopan said

    Nice Thanks a lot

    Take care

  30. Andrew said

    lol, Looks like the Virus Writers are getting scared of Firefox and it’s Security…

  31. Kiran said

    thankzzz bro!…nd thankz to google for helpin me find this page! 🙂

  32. shiju said

    thanks much!!!
    issue solved

  33. PRH said

    Hi,thank…after a big fight i could get rid of that nasty virus..thanks a lot……..

  34. Abhishek said

    Hi ShreeHarshaGP,

    Thank you very much for this article.

    My experience was that I was infected by the same virus. It remained undetected after searching for it using AVG free. I ended up re-installing my OS. I had backedup all my data in one of the drives that I didnt format. After reinstalling the OS, the virus sisnt show for a few days, but then it suddenly appeared today. If not for your article I would be screwed.

    Is there anything else that I need to keep in mind after following all the procedures prescribed by you. Should I change any of the settings?

    Thanks and regards,


  35. Mahendra said

    Thanx alot, I facing problem from a week and now iam very happy with your solution.

  36. Hi Abhishek,

    First of all sorry to hear that you need to re-install your OS. Happy that you could knock off the virus….

    Nothing preventive measures as such for this virus. Because two days back i was infected by the same virus when i plugged in my friend Kashyap’s Pen drive. As i had mentioned earlier now a days the viruses are spreading through USB. Avoid using others pen drives or your own in cyber cafe…

    But if you do also keep a printed copy of the solution to this virus. That may come handy in resolving the same…

    If possible try sending this virus to your anti-virus company so that the add this virus signature…

    cheers… Enjoy madi…

  37. saketh said

    thax alot

  38. sajan said

    Thank you for the timely help.
    I have relieved a lot.. thank you.

  39. Thanks for ur valuable information

  40. Prax said

    Man thnx a lot….

  41. Manoj kumar said

    Thanks sir.
    I had also the same problem.. solved after deleting that file..

    thank you again…

  42. Kuldeep ingh said

    Thanx for cute solution.

  43. Kuldeep Singh said

    Thnx alot for cute solution

  44. Surya said

    Thanks a lot!!!!! was wonderin if it was some serious stuff 🙂

  45. Neeraj said

    thanks man , great work


  46. raj said

    hey i cant delete that file in c:\heap41a…. can u tell me the solution……

  47. shiny said

    Thank you so much!!!! 🙂

  48. P.A.N said

    Thanx for a suggestion to kill the virus “I dont hate Mozilla But use IE or Else…”

  49. swaminathan said

    Hi Man

    Its indeed a need and perfect solution.

    Thnx a ton

  50. Ankit SHah said

    thanx a lot …it works..awesome..

  51. tresher said

    wow! Simple, easy, efficient. Just like everything was supposed to be

  52. Sudarsan said

    Thanks a ton for the solution.
    I found so easy in cracking this, with your excellent guidance.


  53. YY said

    Thanks a lot, our problem solve successfully as well… 😀

  54. Thank you very much!!! I dont hate FFox or IE or Opera or Safari or anything else… I hate morons like the author of this virus who waste their own time as well as those of others… If they are as intelligent as they think they are, why don’t they solve the harder problems in computer science. Anyway thank you very very much for giving such simple and clear instructions to eliminate the virus!!!

  55. seemant said

    Thanks a billion buddy! you solved my problem..

  56. raj said

    i don`t hate mozilla was been deleted .thanks buddy.
    hey how to delete home page of
    and my run,folder options are missing in the list is it attacked by virus?
    kindly advice how to get these back.

  57. ishan said

    hey that file is not gettin deleted.
    i dunt knw, wt 2 do?? plz reply..
    how do i delete that file..
    every time its is cumin like “Cannot delete svchost.exe: Access is denied …” plz reply as soon as possible

  58. ishan said

    Everytime whn i try openin this msg comes, & thn IE closes:

    Orkut is banned you fool, The administrators didnt write this pgm guess who did?? MUHAHAHA!!


  59. ishan said

    Thnkx a lottttttttttttttttttttt………………………..
    its finally done..
    thnkx man..

  60. anup said

    hi was really helpful..
    i ve one more system is infected with VBS/Small virus..i tried a lot to remove it but it seems ther is no other option for me other than installing OS once again..if any one ve debugged this,pls inform..thanking you ppl

  61. Aditi said

    Hi there…

    I’m possible the most techno-ZILCH person on this planet!! You really saved me from a LOT of panicking..

    Thank you so much!! Really…

    PS: Are we supposed to delete that thing once we’ve found the source? Because i tried and it wouldn’t let me..

  62. Aditi said

    Ok.. I have a big problem.. IT CAME BACK!!
    Can someone HELP??!! 😦

  63. sundar said

    hi.. thanks a lot… finally i m able to browse thro mozilla…

  64. John said

    woo hoo! thanks mate 🙂
    asswipes that wrote it need to be wiped off the face of the earth. how do u remove the virus off the pendrive?

  65. Saneesh Joseph said

    Thanks a lot buddy.. it worked..!

  66. Nagesh said

    Hello Shree Harsha GP

    Million Thanks
    I got rid of this bloody message
    We have to chop the head of the person who created it.

  67. ishan said

    62. Aditi Says:
    August 5th, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Ok.. I have a big problem.. IT CAME BACK!!
    Can someone HELP??!! 😦

    hey aditi, do the same..
    1. Go to Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
    2. in that click on Process Tab
    3. Delete only the svchost.exe of your user name
    4. type c:\heap41a in you address barof your explorer and you can trace this folder

  68. saran said

    There also appears to be an entry for this virus, in the registry key – winlogon – under Policies -> Explorer -> Run of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Can also be mercilessly removed, i guess.

  69. Mayank said

    i deleted the folder C:\heap41a, and immd started mozilla, it worked. loggedinto orkut aswell usign mozilla. everthgins back to normal. thanks every1.

  70. Bapi Raju said

    You have shown a great solution to a great problem

  71. saqio said

    My Computer >> Tools >> Folder Options >> View >> Show Hidden files and folders

    Hidden Files and Folders are not visible even after the file “svchost.exe” is removed from C:\heap41a folder

    None of them are visible………

    What to do??

  72. AJ said

    Thanks for the solution….. But this has triggered another problem…..

    I cant view hidden files and folders now…..

    Please suggest wat needs to be done!!!!!!

  73. Anil said

    Thanks boss 🙂

  74. Rajesh said

    thnks for the fuckin gud solution!!

  75. ranjan said

    hello guys,
    thanks for the very detailed help. In my case ctrl+alt+del was not showing task manager. Hmmm.. i did wonder, how your steps can be followed now. Got one quick one step solution for all the problems i had for quite some time.

    Downloaded ‘Dr cureit’, a free antivirus software, and ran it. thats it,
    no more ‘i dont hate…..’ stuff nor any cntrl+alt+del problems 🙂
    Hope this cue helps others too….

  76. Shilpa said

    Thanks soooo much.. cudnt figure out how to get rid of this virus tried everythin till i got this website.. got it solved in a jiffy.. thanks again..

  77. berg said

    tq very much..
    u juz save my day..
    i tried to figured it out the whole morning,but stil…
    so,tq shreeharshaGP..

  78. RaviBhushan said

    Thanks a lot…………… for guiding us in removing this virus..
    Thanks again .

  79. sachin gupta said

    thanks beta!!!!
    aapka yeh ehsaan hum kabhie nahi bhul sakte….apne to humare computer mein fir se roshni bhar dii!!!!
    aap aise hi mehnat karte rahiye ….humara aaashirwaaad aapke saath hai..

  80. Jonko said


  81. paroma said

    cant clean my pen drive of this virus.. evn after reformatting it… it never comes completely empty… 4kb is always shown as used space.. but no autoplay or autorun option comes when i rite click on it.. wht is the problem.. how can i clean the pen drive.. plzzzzzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    n hey thnks a ton for ur help .. this is the frst time i removed a virus.. n m sooooo happy……………

    but plzzzzz help with cleanin my pen drive….

  82. anand said

    i am not able to see my hidden folders , plz help me out
    anyways thanx for the solution of that virus .

  83. yusuf said

    BRILLIANT!!!U KNOW I JUST LOVE MY COMPUTER….and when something happens to it i go crazy..i could solve the prob..just brilliant job man…….

  84. yusuf said

    @anand…..just copy “c:\heap41a” to your internet explorers address bar….were u type the adress of websites…..the folder will open and delete all its contents…..CHEERS

  85. vikas said

    thnx shreeharshgp ……… ws in lot of trouble…
    hey i m facing one more problem …
    when i start my laptop ….. screen comes but m nt able to click on any folder or anywhere …. the only thing dat works is ctrl+alt+del …then i log off .. nd log in again then everything works properly …….. Last time i reinstalled my windows then after sometimes i faced dis problen again

    Any remedy!!!!!!!!!???????

  86. rupesh said

    thank u sooooooooo much…i was about 2 format ma system bt dis iz so easy..thanks

  87. venu said

    thanks a lot for post .i was deleted the virus and i am able to surf the orkut and mozilla now .
    once again thanks a lot ,


  88. yogesh said

    Hey shreeharshagp,

    Thanx a lot

  89. yogesh said

    Hey shreeharshagp,

    Thanx a lot.

  90. jyothish said

    hey loved the post helped me a loads…

  91. Padmanabha. G said

    Thanks, dude. it worked like magic. I hated that message so much.

  92. Simi Abin said

    u did a great job…
    thank You sooo much….for the solution…

  93. arunkenya said

    great work done by u,thank you,

  94. rana sisodia said

    Thats great brother , thanks a lot.

  95. Feroz said

    Thank you so much!!!!

  96. yogesh... said

    hey my problem got solved….
    BUT thr is one more problem still remaining i still cant see the hidden folders…as i thought its cuz of virus….but my show hidden folders option doesnt wrk….helpppp/…

  97. hey my problem got solved….
    BUT thr is one more problem still remaining i still cant see the hidden folders…as i thought its cuz of virus….but my show hidden folders option doesnt wrk….helpppp/…

  98. pappy said

    Thanks a ton shreeharshagp what a good solution you have offered, keep it up buddy, I think this virus is spread by sysad of organizations to restrict the people from surfing the wesites listed in the virus. “to hell with u virus spreaders”

  99. Sujal said

    Tankssssssssssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot yaar. my prob solved. once again thanks

  100. Ganesh said

    Thanks a lot man. Good Work

  101. hyudha said

    ty vvvmuch….luv u muah…

  102. jaspreet said

    you need not do dat as well ..kaspersky 7.0 can sccan ur comp and del da virus by itself !!

  103. sharan said

    thanx u very much.its good effort.

  104. arun said

    awesome man. i had just installed windows and browsed the web without anti-virus for just 1 session and BHAM!! dont know why im still have xp along with linux.. but hey kudos to u. in a minute i got rid of it

  105. Sunil said

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Never knew it was so easy to get rid of this nasty thing! But obviously not without your help! Otherwise would have even gone for an fresh install…hehe…Thanks again!!!

  106. akhil kumar said

    hello thank u so much i may god bless you

  107. akhil kumar said

    hello thank u so much Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Never knew it was so easy to get rid of this nasty thing! But obviously not without your help! Otherwise would have even gone for an fresh install…hehe…Thanks again!!!

  108. Manshul Nagpal said

    Thanks a ton… I had scanned the whole computer, but nothing helped… Finally i got rid of it.. Thanks a lot again..

  109. Deven said

    Thank you dear ,
    for your kind advice it was really helpful , else this malware had busted me …

    After going through the long exercise of scanning my machine twice with two different anti virus is was help less.. and finally I came to your page.

    Thank you again…

  110. Johan -MALAYSI.A said

    Hey buddy!
    thanx a lot!
    i was facing the same problem.and now no more problem to open the mozilla….
    thanx a lot…i also couldnt opened d youtube when this virus active in my computer.
    but now, i can open it already

  111. Johan -MALAYSI.A said

    Hey buddy!
    thanx a lot!
    i was facing the same problem.and now no more problem to open the mozilla….
    thanx a lot…i also couldnt opened d youtube when this virus active in my computer.
    but now, i can open it already. a lot of thanx from me!
    anyway, i’ve discovered d file at explorer but when i tried to delete d files. it appeared an access is denied. what does that mean? the virus still active or what?
    the svchost.exe file still exist.

  112. Devashish Pradhan said

    Hello thanks a lot for your indeed comments and your valuable tip.

    Never knew it was so easy to get rid of this nasty thing! But obviously not without your help!

    Otherwise would have even gone for an fresh install…hehe…Thanks again!!!

    Your blog is very useful..

    Devashish Pradhan

  113. Nice solution so I resolved the issue

  114. Vikram said

    Thanks dude.. i love you.. i desperately needed Mozilla and this virus was makin me frustrated..

  115. Freddy García said

    Thank you very much!

  116. Pólo Computacional said


  117. Sandeep said

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, very much!

  118. rej said

    great man,

  119. chandni..... said

    thaaannnnnkkksss!!! a tonnnn!!!! :)))

  120. Arpan said

    hey all this problem does not get solved completely by just deleting the fine . n doubt Mozilla starts working again. but i m not able to see my hidden files and folders. seems like this virus has made some permanent changes in the registry can any one suggest how to resolve that

  121. dhanam said

    Thanking so much, I solved problem…….

  122. Sarath said

    HI Dude..
    Thx a lot man…it really worked…

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    Thanks a lot frnd… Finally I did it with all ur help n support cheers

  126. kautuk said

    thanks. that was very helpful.

  127. indivara said

    Thank you very much for the advise. I have cleared the virus from my system with in 2 minutes.

  128. Rajan said

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  129. Sklim said

    Good work. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Thanks a ton! This was bothering me since a long time.

  132. Tom said

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  135. azmi said

    thanks a lot. i’ve face the problem to. your post has been very2 helpful. thanks again.

  136. james said

    hey thank u i was really scared when i got that msg “orkut is banned” thank u for helpin keep up the good work

  137. janardhan said

    This is very good solution. thank you my friend.

  138. Ravi Prakash Goyal said

    Thanks buddy, u have saved my favourites folder

  139. Thomas Yim said

    Thank you to save my fav and fix my problem

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    This mozilla zapper was really gettin on my nerves
    peace out~

  141. Tapas said

    thanks budddy

    its actually very annoying to see all tha crap message boxes on ur screen while opening web pages.

    anywaz thanks a lot

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  144. Andre said

    Thaaanks 😀

    You saved my life \o//

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  147. Holyboy said

    omg thks worked for me too great help site i was so scared to open IE that i called a friend and ask him to google it for me thks once more

  148. MrSmily said

    super thx to u

  149. kathiravan said

    Thanks a lot…. I was puzzled for a while by the error and was quite worried about my whole system getting corrupt , quite relieved to see my system back to normal.

  150. mahipal said

    I Dont hate Mozilla but use IE or Else i am unable to open fire fox browser pls help me

  151. sivakumar said

    Thankyou very much, after delete the contents inside the c:\heap41a folder Im able to open the Mozilla.

  152. na said

    thank you very much for helping me…..

    have a nice day !!!!

  153. Na said

    do you know how to delete the virus from the USB ?
    thank you very much !

  154. Nitheesh said

    very very thx dude

  155. Suresh said

    for me orkut is not opening….when i tryed to open it (it sayas orkut is banned u fool)

  156. hari said

    this is the second time i got infected with this hell ….. last time it was cool i could get into the taskmanager and
    registry, this time i could nt …. it says “**** has being disabled by ur administrator” here who is the administrator other than me ……..

    but i could delete the registry and its contents

  157. anuprit said

    hey that was really good! it worked!
    Thanks a Lot!

  158. sriram said

    hello people .
    while solving this problem i couldn t get into registry when i typed regedit it has no response and my search option is also is not working in the system (it seems i have unknowingly dleted some file ). can any one help URGENT!!!!!!
    shree harsha help me soon

  159. Seo Expert said

    This was really an excellent!!

  160. sampath said

    good work. keep it up

  161. Vidhya said

    This really solved my prob. First i thought it was a spyware. I got the same thing installed in my system and got it cleared too 🙂

  162. Psyco said

    Thanks a Lot dude.. Im from Brazil and this virus was in my MP4 Player!!!

  163. Mihir said

    Thanks man! Found this page through a google search, and it fixed my problem!

  164. Vikesh said

    I deleted wht u suggested but i got tht thing again.. reallllly frustrating….helppppppppppppppppppp

  165. Vikesh said

    I deleted wht u suggested but i got tht thing again.. reallllly frustrating….helppppppppppppppppppp

    i del it yesterday nyt n today i m gettin the same thing.. n now thr is no folder called c:\heap41a

  166. temp999 said


  167. Curexit96 said

    Haii..i’ve try the solution and its best..
    but i think this virus have evolutions n keep coming up..
    i’ve checked svchost.exe under computer username..
    its still running even i stop it running and restart the computer..
    i try to find c:\heap41a again but its no there..
    plz..i need the source of this solution s.o.s!!!!

  168. Ashish said

    For those who are still having problems with the hidden files. Check this link

    To summarize – The virus updates the following entry in registry

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL “CheckedValue” = “00000000”

    Set this value to 1. This should sort out the problem of not being able to access hidden files.

  169. triumph said

    Thanks a lot. I fixed the problem

  170. Rajagopal said

    Thanks a lot

    We do lot again the envy people.

    Kind regards
    Rajagopal J

  171. khasim said

    ThanQ , My antivirus unable to find this, great work

  172. ravi said

    thank u very much,..
    thnx 4 the help..(great work done by posting it on the net)

  173. Sastry said

    Thank you..

  174. manish jaiswal said

    thank god finally google helped finding you who could help fixing the prob

  175. Jitendra said

    Thanks a lot friend.

  176. chetan said

    Thanks…. solved the problem immediately. was so easy…thanx a lot. At first i thoughts; it’s a very serious problem.

  177. ABHISHEK said

    Thanks, Issue is solved, but dont know why dont any AV able to catch it.

  178. manjusha said

    the problem is, my administrator has deactivated both Task Manager and RegEdit..
    is there any antivirus that can solve this?

  179. Paul said

    Hmm, is this virus designed for any specific version of windows, or will it infect any of them? Because Vista doesn’t let anything run as admin without your permission first; would this stop it, or does it not need admin rights.
    The other thing is, if you formst your USB drive, surely this would get rid of the virus, otherwise it would be in the system files of your USB drive, meaning the drive is screwed…

    -To Paroma:
    Those 4KB of files, are most probably system files for the drive.

  180. […] The virus is more irritating that delibitating. It blocks the Firefox browser and doesn’t allow a user to open pages. There are a few sites that help remove that virus… for instance see here. […]

  181. Zoheb said

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  182. carnage-genocide said

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  183. Chandima said

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  184. Anji said

    thanks dude…it helped me a lot. i thought it would be a big task to delete the virus…but u have shown a simple way to do this…thanks a lot..

  185. Yamini said

    Information given is very helpful, Thankyou

  186. Yogesh Sonawane said

    Thanks for this simple solution for the removle of this virus.

  187. Ani said

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  188. rahul said

    it was amazing. i cant believe it……………i was screwed up by this virus. u r an amazing guy. hats off

  189. Priya said

    Its a very good thing that i removed the virus on my PC too..

    But here i do want add one more thing..

    If you are not able to change the permissions of hidden folder just go to command prompt and navigate to the place where the hidden folder exist and just key in

    attrib -s -r -h heap41a /s /d

    So that it will change the hidden folder to unhidden..

    It works. Try 🙂

  190. Anupam Ch said

    Brilliant. Seriously did not expect and Indian run post to help me solve this.Impressed and proud:)

  191. Kishore said

    Amazing. You made it look so simple. Thanks a lot.

  192. lpimmortal said

    ty so much ; ; You really helped me out a lot with your advice. ty ty ty

  193. Thanks a lot………..great advice

  194. Spurgeon said

    Thanx guys for the effort even i had the same virus then found the info on this site…….and please send a mail to me regarding different Virus and to know more abt virus ….may b forum

  195. Prafull said

    I deleted svchost.exe process from task manager but i m not getting heap41a file in C drive. I searched for heap41a file in hidden files through IE there also i m not getting this file.

    please help me in this regard….

  196. chethan said

    Thanks a lot Sir

    No Words for comment

    it was so simple that icant believe after deleting the virus
    once again thanks a lot

  197. riz said

    u r an angel in disguise…thnx a lot

  198. Daniel said

    Hi, i was able to delete the contents of c:\heap41a, but i can’t find the path c:\heap41a by exploring C: (i already set Windows to show hidden files).
    Can anyone help?

  199. varun said

    thanx a lot man!!!!!it really helped me in fixing up my problem

  200. feasta said

    thanks man.. now i can surf internet using mozilla back… its really help.. thanks a lot..

  201. Raghavendra Thane said

    Dear shreeharshagp ,

    thanks a lot , the problem is fixed

  202. Saleel said

    Hello all
    Here is another solution to get that virus never enter your pc

    First type c:\autorun.inf in the address bar.If a file come
    goto command prompt(start-run-and type “cmd”)
    then type ATTRIB c:\autorun.inf -s -r -h
    del c:\autorun.inf

    so it delete the virus,but the problem is it comes again when you restart,so we have have to create a empty autorun.inf and make it overwrite proof

    copy con c:\autorun.inf
    press Ctrl+z and ^Z appears on the screen,then press enter

    ATTRIB c:\autorun.inf +s +r +h

    So now we have made an empty autorun.inf and its a system file.So the virus cannot paste the autorun.inf,because already one one autorun.inf is there and its overwriteproof

    Now don’t restart and do the same for all drives including your flash disk or external hard disk which was connected during the problem.

    So that part is clear.
    Now goto cmd again and type

    ATTRIB c:\heap41a -s -r -h

    now goto task manager and there will be many process svchost.Out of that one will be under your username and all other be either network or system and it will have small memory ( 760 kb)
    End that process

    Now goto my computer-c:/
    and the folder heap41a will be visible .Just delete it

    Thats it

    Any doubt ask here ->

    PS:I never use anti-viruses

  203. yuritos said

    great. thx

  204. Matias said

    Great work!!! Viruses sucks in the entire world. I’m writing from Patagonia Argentina, and I had the same problem. Thank you so much for helping me (sorry my basic english).

  205. marcones said

    thanks a lot!!

  206. srinivas said

    thanks a ton man……..managed to fix it in a jiffy

  207. Dr.John MD said

    i used to get this virus from my USB pen drives. And i used to format my system since none of my antiviral programmes could find this out.
    i just one day browsed to know about this virus and got your help. Thanks a lot sir. Great Job. Bravo.

  208. Florian said

    Thanks a lot mate.


  209. Pravin said

    Thanks for the information. It did help to solve this issue. Kudos to you 😉

  210. Leonardo B. said

    Thanks, solved many troubles in my school.

  211. Viswa said

    Thanks ya. It was really helpful.


  212. steve said

    Thanks dude….

  213. Uday vardhane said


    Thanks a lot dude for saving my dear PC.

    I need one more help will you tell me how to remove the virus from USB and how to detect a virus in our USB.

    Take care

  214. bhattathiripad p m s said

    one of my friends came here used his drive and i got it. could not remove it with spybot or avg free. Thanks a million to you . i put my lap on net and searched and got your answer

  215. Ajith said

    Brillian! Deleting the file from c:\heap41a did it.

  216. rama said

    really gr8

    thank u very much!

  217. nicolae dica said


  218. Naveen Mandala said

    gr8 solution … i never thought it ll b so easy to remove …. saved hrs of my time … tnx a lot 4 u and wordpress …

  219. Katy said

    Thanks a lot. That was very annoying!!!

  220. Sampath said

    Thanks dude!

  221. Josanto Thomas said

    that worked…Thanks a bunch!!!

  222. Kohl said

    Thanks, that helped me.. 🙂

  223. marilyn said

    Thanks so much. This miserable little issue plagued me for months and I felt helpless to do anything about it. Bless you, you are a star….

  224. Thilina Dampahala said

    Thank you very much for this post. I was struggling for may days to fix my machine which was effected by the above bug……

  225. mohan said

    Thank you verymuch. i was affected by this virus when i installed the bitdefender av.

  226. prashanth said

    Thank you so much…………………but the problem keeps on repeating…………any solution

  227. Steve said

    Thanks for your help … saved me alot of heart ache

  228. Ratul Chandra said

    Thanks Mohan …
    I have faced This Virus problem bt i have removed this virus from my machine …
    Thanks again for ur solution

  229. venus said

    it works really thanks a lot

  230. blossom said

    cant delete the ” svchost.exe ” from ” c:\heap41a”.. =(

  231. kotarominami said

    I got the same msg when opening Mozilla. what I did was to start my Windows XP in safe mode and do Restore System Setting to the date when Mozilla was still working. And it works!

  232. seng said

    Thanks very much

  233. Din said

    Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks,Thanks, Thanks a lot bro…..

  234. VEko said

    god bless you!

  235. Krathar said

    Man, I love you dude. Thank you really much

  236. shams said


  237. Shalini said

    Thanks ma…It helped to solve the problem..thank u very much

  238. priya said

    Few days ago ,mah pc encountered with several viruses. After dat,i installed licensed antivirus,,,,but the problem is dat
    i am nt able to access orkut after dat,,,plzzzzz help me out!!!!!!!!!

  239. satish said


  240. Unadulterated words, some true words man. Totally made my day!

  241. Ant said

    Cheers mate. Great help

  242. […] and Removing Autorun.inf Virus Hard Drive Recovery Tutorial – How To Slave A Hard Drive “I Dont hate Mozilla but use IE or Else” virus… « S.. New Folder.exe Virus Removal Tool « Techno Digits LanDisk Network Drives – icaBlog […]

  243. Superb blog you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any
    message boards that cover the same topics discussed here?
    I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get responses from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!

  244. Todd Lisy said

    It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I wish to suggest you few interesting things or tips. Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article. I desire to read more things about it!

  245. Harvey said

    Howdy, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam
    remarks? If so how do you reduce it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any assistance is very much appreciated.

  246. Going Here said

    Going Here

    “I Dont hate Mozilla but use IE or Else” virus… « ShreeHarshaGP

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