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Minority report in India…

Have you watched the movie “Minority Report”…? The day is not far that you can play it the same way, as Tom cruise plays in the movie, moving fingers to operate a computer. It all needs the blending of technology and the vision to make it a reality. We are on the way to realizing it and Vodafone has a big plan in taking us to that day.


Recently we have been seeing the count down of bidding over Hutchison’s stake in Hutch-Essar Telecom Company in India. The fore runners in the bid were Reliance communication, British telecom giant Vodafone and Hinduja’s tied up with Qatar and Altimo a Russian Telecom major. Vodafone came out victorious in the battle with an offer which gives a company valuation of about $19.3 billion. Hutch being India’s third private mobile service provider has close to 24 million customers.


That’s fine yaar… Vodafone got the deal, Hutchison got the money, Reliance felt bad for losing the deal. How this gonna affect us? Yes this will surely be advantage for us. I can recall the days when we have to wait for months together to get a telephone connection. Now with many players in the market you can have the connection with in few days. That’s the beauty of many players and MNC entering our country. It will stimulate the competition and can expect better service from the companies.


 Vodafone is the major telecom player in the world, with approximately 198 million proportionate customers world wide (31 December, 2006). India is the fastest growing market in the telecom industry with a growth rate of 80%, where as the developed markets Europe has a growth of less than 10%. Vodafone’s one of the strategies is to explore the growing market. Vodafone’s future vision claims, over the next decade we will be able to see all sorts of differences that we can barely imagine today. To experience this visit there webpage in that click on the future vision link. It talks about the electronic news paper/magazine, visual bracelet, digital wall paper, location based system and so on getting in to our daily activity. If you see this, for some time you will feel like you are in some movie. But in neat future it will happen…. Wow sounds great, right? Hmmm…


Apart from this near future things, what is that Vodafone is bringing to India is to be watched closely. Will there be a huge reduction in tariff as Vodafone talks cost reduction, stimulating revenue globally. What will happen to our Pug in the Hutch advertisement? This will be one advertisement, which gonna stay for longer period in the people’s mind. The chemistry of the boy and Pug has added life into those advertisements.  “Where ever you go our network follows” will it remain the same or will it take the shape of “How are you” the Vodafone’s successful global communication campaign. Brand managers feel that changing the brand name is not a big problem in this telecom industry.  But for sure there will be good competition, which will benefit the users like us. We have to wait and see the strategy of the Vodafone for Indian operations.


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